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a collaborative documentary film project

of Kindness Empire, Storyhaus Media,

and The Cheerful Word. 

Help us tell this important story. The late Charlotte Hugues Self is sharing her story about growing up as part of the anti-Nazi Resistance, and sees an important parallel between the rise of nationalism in Germany in the 1930s and what is happening around the world today. 

Through Löttken's Eyes:

Rising Nationalism Then and Now

Storyhaus Media developed this 15 minute trailer, "Through Löttken's Eyes: Rising Nationalism Then and Now," to bring broader awareness to Charlotte's book, "The Hitler Years Through the Eyes of a Child," and today, you can help us raise the funds we need to explain, as Charlotte states so eloquently in our trailer, how nationalism is indeed a threat to freedom, in a new, feature-length documentary film.

All donations to Kindness Empire and the Löttken Project are tax deductible. A percentage of your donation to this project also supports the general operations and other projects of Kindness Empire. 

“As vegans, we believe in the inherent value of all life, and we want to save every animal we possibly can. This is our life’s mission, and Sweet Bear is a place where all animals will be safe and loved for their entire lives.”

                              – Lisa Marie McDonald,

                                            Executive Director, Kindness Empire

Sweet Bear Rescue Farm is home to over 40 animals with a constant revolving door of fosters and rescues.