Live Art with Amy Burkman December 1st at 7:00 EST!

a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of both humans and animals through education, kindness, and philanthropy.

We believe all sentient beings have a right to be respected as individuals,

and we aim to tell the stories of many of them.

Art Entertainer Amy Burkman will perform a speed painting in less than 10 minutes on Facebook LIVE to support Sweet Bear Rescue Farm. If you're able to make a donation, you'll not only be supporting the animals, but you'll also have a chance to win some art!

1st Prize: The person who makes the largest donation to over thenext two weeks wins the speed painting. (30”x40” stretched canvas)

2nd Prize: The next 4 highest donors win a print of the speed painting. (12”x16” print)

3rd Prize: Everyone who makes a donation, no matter what amount, is entered for a chance to win a print of the speed painting. (12”x16” print)

Bonus Prize: Everyone who donates $25 or more wins a high resolution digital print of the speed painting.

Donate via starting today to win the work of art created during the live show and help us raise money for the animals! ANYONE WHO DONATES CAN WIN!



Kindness Empire and Sanctuary Brewing Company are once again partnering with Michael Cohen of Saluda Hair Garage for their monthly Help for Hendo event December 23, 2019.